"This work has produced a level of transparency and trust we had never before seen on the team. This has ended up being extraordinarily powerful for us. Even though we have four locations, we are beginning to work together very much like a team that knows and understands one another and trusts and respects each other. And I know absolutely that would not have been possible without Hylke's work.

...Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Take the leap. Trust that opening yourself up is worth experimentation. You don't have to do it all at once. It's ok to be skeptical and have doubts. Open your heart up just a crack. That's enough just to get started. Just a desire is enough. Hylke can do the rest. He really can."

John Rex
CFO, 3DR; former CFO, Microsoft
"Hylke is very good at taking an objective and trying to get underneath what that really means. So if you have a high-level objective of people feeling more engaged or connected, what does that mean? How do you think they are today versus where you want them to be? He challenged some of the organization's thinking. He got underneath what could be a very superficial intent to really understand where we were coming from, and he very much looked at the feedback from staff to be critical or self-critical about what was going to help us achieve that objective or not...

He is a very strong facilitator in the sense of how he listens and reads the room. He has a good gauge of when to let a conversation keep going versus when a conversation is no longer productive, and that is a very great skill when you're dealing with a large number of people. And arguably, it is the difference between being an okay facilitator and a great facilitator. I think he is particularly adept at that...

In terms of what he brought, I think it was having a good third-party perspective, and taking the time to understand what people in the organization wanted, what the Leadership Team wanted, and bringing those things together in a cohesive and authentic way. I think he did that particularly well...

I would say the impact of the event was strong in terms of people seeing the level of authenticity and openness to discuss the 'undiscussables.' That was a big part of what was referenced. People walked away feeling more connected and feeling that some of the things that they felt were unanswered were answered. I think there was absolutely a positive carry-over post-event, and now there is more work we are doing in continuing to build on that...

It is bringing a consciousness to how we operate everyday and how we engage. And in my experience, business success is more about culture and people than it is about the right strategy. And when you have a level of trust and alignment across the broadest group of leaders, with clarity of purpose in what we're trying to achieve, that's how you can achieve amazing things in a business context. It is bringing a consciousness with which people engage in difficult conversations with one another on a human level. At the end of the day, that's how business gets done."

Tracey Fellows
CEO, REA Group
"This work has been absolutely paramount in terms of how we work - what we strategically prioritize and how we work together in order to accomplish the right thing... how we create an environment of trust, respect, and listening... how we listen to our customers, and therefore how we first have to listen to each other in order to even become good at listening.

...I feel Hylke's work helps you get to the level of your most authentic leadership and to tap into that to move big organizations through complex problems. That is what I think his work is ultimately about - when you do that, starting with the leaders first, and then expanding to every person in the organization, you geometrically multiply your collective power for great business impact."

Rene Yoakum
General Manager, Microsoft
"The thing that differentiates Hylke is his depth of understanding of organizations and human behavior. He is able to put in very real terms quite often what people are thinking and feeling but don't necessarily know, and translate that into a pragmatic set of actions that can be taken to get a better result."

Simon King
Vice President Talent & Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources, Bristol Myers Squibb
"...goes well beyond simple moderation and team building. Hylke's research interviews and disciplined process ensures that you will get results."

Chris Anderson
CEO, 3DR; former Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine
"I think what you can tell with Hylke that is unique is that he's not about teaching a course. He is about transforming your mindset. And he does that from a place of genuine caring for people and inspiration. That is his brand. That is what he stands for. That is what he lives for, I think, and that permeates the way that he works with you. When you're working with someone that you know personally cares about you and wants you to succeed in this way, that changes everything...

...All senior leaders need to learn how to lead across the enterprise and how to lead adaptive challenges that don't have manuals defined for how you solve them. All senior leaders need this, and the toolkit to tackle those problems isn't always obvious. It requires study. I would challenge any senior leader to invest in learning the fundamentals of leading strategy across the enterprise, which is a combination of your own leadership mindset, how you build partnerships and shared visions of success, and how you effectively manage and lead a wide range of stakeholders. There is an art and a science to that that must be mastered, and I think this is a good investment to enable that.

...Through the journey, Hylke focuses on improving both individual and organizational self-awareness and mindfulness, which I think is at the root of - and is the very foundation - of good leadership. He gets right to the heart of it. Through his techniques and his personality, he is able to penetrate to that level and that yields really valuable results for teams."

Justin Spelhaug
Chief Marketing & Operations Officer Asia Pacific, Microsoft