Opportunity for Continued Learning:

You are invited to participate in the Building Great Leaders Program provided by Constancee and YouCloud, the leadership development companies, and made available by True Ventures to its network. In this 6-month leadership online program, you will learn how to develop the mindsets, attitudes and skills that fit your particular personality that are required to build and motivate great teams and make a great success of a business.

You will develop deep relationships with other like-minded leaders who share your readiness to develop their leadership abilities in order to achieve business and team excellence, and you will see your new leadership aptitude and skills reflected in more sustainable success for you and your organization.

You will do most of your learning in this program while you are at work. This program will be done mostly online, to enable you to participate whenever and wherever you are, at times that suit you best. And we have designed it so that it doesn’t take you away from the rest of your work too much – you get to learn in daily 5 minute practices online, and through nine live and recorded 1-hour webinars, supplemented by one in-person 2-day workshop, which will be held February 5-6 2018, in Berkeley, CA.

Other nuts and bolts:
  •    All 9 webinars will be held on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm Pacific Time, from September 2017 through March 2018. Dates to be announced. All webinars will be recorded so you can access them later as well.
  •    Personal Online Practice is supported by a web based app platform.
  •    Course materials will be shared via the Ruzuku online platform; Webinars through the Clickwebinar online platform, both easily accessed via your web browser.
  •    Fees for the program: $3,000 per participant. We offer a discounted rate for students of $2,500. If you like to qualify for this discounted rate, please email nicolas@constancee.com a picture of your current student ID when you make your PayPal payment. This fee does not include travel and lodging expenses.

For more information about this program, and other opportunities to receive coaching for yourself and your team, please contact: nicolas@constancee.com or hylke@constancee.com.